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Beto wants Texas to continue to lead the nation for both existing energy resources and for renewables. He believes that industry and government should work closely together to make sure that our energy resources are developed responsibly.

Beto believes we must:

  • Accelerate investment in wind and solar power generation to create more renewable energy jobs while reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
  • Develop a clear consensus among industry, regulators, and community leaders on best practices for developing our oil and gas resources to maintain job growth and capital investment as well as ensure we take care of our environment.
  • Promote the substitution of Texas natural gas for coal around the world, boosting our economy while helping to lower CO2 emissions significantly elsewhere.
  • Support the development and adoption of carbon capture and sequestration technologies to help get us to CO2 emission reduction targets.
  • Invest in research and development in Texas so we can be the energy innovation leader for future generations of cleaner, more competitive fuels and technology.

Beto’s record:

  • Beto has been a strong advocate for solar and wind energy.
  • Beto has advocated for investing in the infrastructure to bring all of West Texas’s natural resources into market including wind, solar, natural gas, and oil.
  • Beto has pushed for our oil and gas to come from our state and our country, while decreasing reliance on the Middle East.
  • Beto voted to repeal the Crude Oil Export Ban to support our economy and national security.
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