Beto for Texas

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Beto is showing up for Texas.

We called our new ad “Showing Up” because that’s exactly what our people-powered campaign is all about: showing up in every county across Texas, talking to everyone, taking no one for granted, writing no one off. Beto is traveling to every part of Texas to meet with Texans in their communities -- Democrats, Republicans, Independents and non-voters alike.

Our new ad was shot entirely on the iPhone that’s captured hundreds of public events since Beto launched his campaign, including town halls, rallies and roundtable discussions.

For those of you who haven’t been able to join us in person, Beto had the idea to live stream as much of our campaign as possible -- inviting Texans everywhere to join him in the car and follow along as he shows up to listen and learn from those he wants to represent.

And that’s how Beto’s been running this campaign. He’s traveled to all 254 counties in Texas. He’s refused to write anyone off or take anyone for granted. He’s outright rejected contributions from PACs, instead relying 100% on people.