Beto stands for jobs, justice, and education for all Texans.

Beto O'Rourke is challenging Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate in 2018.

We need leaders will not rest until our communities are safer and stronger. Beto is ready to fight for high-value jobs, world-class public schools and justice for all in the U.S. Senate.

All Texans deserve a reliable Senator who's committed to working tirelessly for our state. That's why Beto is traveling to each of Texas' 254 counties to listen to people in their communities

Jobs for Texans

We need to raise wages in this country. It’s not right that people can work a full-time job and still be living in poverty. Our economy only works when every household can see gains in their pocketbooks.

We also owe it to unemployed and underemployed Texans to connect them with high-value jobs. Let’s invest in training, certification and apprenticeship programs to allow all Texans to keep pace with increasingly specialized professions.

Justice for All

There is a crisis in our state, and our country. Countless African American men, women and even children are still being killed at the hands of law enforcement. We need leaders like Beto who will stand with us against the devastation and loss of life plaguing our communities.

To move toward justice for all, we need to end mass incarceration, close private prisons and decriminalize marijuana. The War on Drugs is tearing apart our communities.


Beto will fight for a high-quality education for all Texas children. We need to keep our public school dollars in public schools, ensure that we have teachers who are representative of the communities they serve, and do more to ensure educational equity.

A good education is the surest path to individual success, and the overall success of our state and country.