Government Accountability

A Government Texans Can Trust

We can’t achieve this until our government is reflective of and responsive to the people it purports to serve and represent. Texans deserve a government that performs for them and is a good steward of taxpayer dollars. Here’s how we get that done:

  • We must end perpetual reelection and bring new voices to Congress by imposing term limits on every member of the House and Senate. This is why I have committed to serving only two terms if I am elected to the U.S. Senate.
  • Texans send their hard-earned money to Washington with the expectation that it is working to improve their lives, not cater to special interest groups. Let’s get big money out of Washington and ensure legislation isn’t written by the highest bidder. This begins with preventing politicians from accepting money from Political Action Committees (PACs) and returning power to electorate. That’s why I introduced the No PAC Act (H.R.1743), which would prevent any elected official from accepting PAC contributions.
  • End gerrymandering where members of Congress choose their voters instead of the other way around. We should have a non-partisan, non-politician redistricting commission that ends the practice of racial gerrymandering that has drawn people out of their democracy based on their race and ethnicity.
  • Ensuring the government works more efficiently and costs less by eliminating redundant or outdated federal regulations and improving transparency and oversight of federal agencies.