Disability Rights

When the United States adopted the Americans with Disabilities Act, we became the first country in the world to pass comprehensive civil rights legislation for individuals with disabilities. Today, we must protect and build on that legacy to ensure the 3 million Texans with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in our communities, enjoy a high-quality life and live with dignity.

Here’s how we can work together to achieve that:

  • Fight attempts to weaken the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), including efforts to limit equal access to public places and businesses, and defend Social Security, Medicaid, and long-term supports and services from cuts and caps.
  • Protect the Affordable Care Act and its provisions that ensure individuals with disabilities can access high-quality healthcare, including guaranteed coverage for pre-existing conditions, the prohibition on cost discrimination, and the elimination of annual and lifetime limits.
  • Expand access to services in the home and community as an alternative to institutionalization through legislation like the Disability Integration Act.
  • Fully fund our commitments under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act so that students with disabilities can receive the services and instruction they need to live and contribute to their full potential.
  • Tackle the high unemployment rate for people with disabilities by supporting quality education and improving access to meaningful work opportunities.